Media, institutions and the automotive industry invest in synthetic voice with ETX Studio

Media, institutions and the automotive industry invest in synthetic voice with ETX Studio

In France, 82% of Internet users listened to at least one audio content every day in 2022 (according to a study by Médiamétrie). Many brands are now realizing that audio is a powerful tool not only to feed their audience through a more intimate format, but also to communicate internally. Indeed, according to Kantar Media, between January and September 2022, 850 advertisers used digital audio, an increase of 93% compared to 2021. At ETX Studio, we help media and brands transition to audio. Discover the best cases and uses of voice AI that we have developed together with our clients.

The Senate joins the RevoluSOUND with its audio website

In February 2022, the Senate launched its audio library, a platform of podcasts dedicated to the life of the institution, mixing synthetic and human voices, available on all audio streaming platforms.  

The three series of podcasts from the Senate Library

The Senate‘s objective is to progressively become the first massively audioaugmented institution in the country. The institution’s goal is to renew the relationship with all citizens, through these innovative audio formats that engage people in conversation.

The Senate Audio library includes three series of podcasts, “The Essentials of the Senate”, “The Senators Act” and “The Whispers of the Palace”. They aim to make the Senate’s activities and decisions accessible to all, especially to the visually impaired, thanks to audio-augmented texts.

The major French media add audio to their websites

In order to reach larger audiences, build reader loyalty, offer their subscribers a more mobile format, and to find a new monetization axis, French and international media have chosen to transform their production into audio articles, to enrich the existing text.

Among the, La Tribune, a major economic and financial newspaper that bacame 100% audio-augmented by integrating a player on top of their articles, which automates the reading of the site’s entire content in synthetic voice. Similarly, articles from Le Figaro, Le Point, and all of La Dépêche group’s media are also 100% audio-augmented, thanks to ETX Studio’s technology. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Canadian media “Les as de l’info” has also launched its audio-augmentation. Stratégies, the weekly magazine has also chosen to incorporate audio into its website. A first operation was launched in June 2022 during Vivatech. All the articles in their tech section were audio augmented and made accessible via qr codes in the paper magazine. From now on, the digital production of Stratégies can be listened to thanks to the player present on the website.

Europe 1’s presidential playlists

For the French presidential elections, Europe 1 unveiled a series of ten playlists hosted by one of our synthetic voices. A new format available on all streaming platforms, created to explain the major debates at the heart of the campaign. Prior to the start of the first round of voting, Europe 1 launched these ten playlists around ten major themes ranging from health to nuclear energy, including hunting, with the analysis of journalists and experts, and the proposals of the candidates in one place.

Continental & etx majelan sign a strategic partnership in audio mobility

Continental and etx majelan announced at the 2022 Paris Motor Show that they have signed a major strategic cooperation agreement to develop an in-car audio platform for future cars.

The objective of this partnership is to offer a personalized and contextualized audio content experience in the vehicle. The joint solution will be a multi-programmable platform by brand, by target and by language.

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With its technology and content expertise, the etx majelan solution will include thousands of podcasts and audiobooks, various audio channels, live and replay radio, exclusive content and audio-augmented articles from leading media outlets thanks to RevoluSOUND, the automated text-to-audio solution created by ETX Studio. For international car manufacturers and equipment suppliers, the moment has come to imagine and create with the best in-vehicle content offering.

Test our audio-augmentation solution for free here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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