ETX Studio & AFP hosted their second webinar: “RevoluSOUND: why am I switching to audio augmentation?”

ETX Studio & AFP hosted their second webinar: “RevoluSOUND: why am I switching to audio augmentation?”

On July 6th, ETX Studio and AFP hosted their second webinar “RevoluSOUND: why am I switching to audio augmentation?“. Many insights on audio trends and usages were shared by Cécilia Gabizon (VP & Chief Content Officer – ETX Studio) and Nicolas Giraudon (Group Marketing Director – AFP).

They received Tatiana De Francqueville (General Manager – La Tribune) and Nicolas Gimenez (Global Partnership Director – Telecoming) who both shared their audio augmented experiences.

Tatiana De Francqueville, a great consumer of audio, explained how La Tribune became, as of the end of June 2021, 100% audio augmented. This means that every article on can be listened to (with monetized advertising on free articles and without advertising for subscribers). She also emphasized that audio saves time for consumers and that “being in someone’s ear” means “gaining their trust and entering their intimacy, having their attention, which fits perfectly with La Tribune’s agenda of being a “proximity media”. Audio has a “capacity to deliver highly qualitative information, at greater length than video. The technology offered by ETX Studio, which is very close to natural voices, convinced us to go for it!”

As for Nicolas Gimenez, (Telecoming – a Spanish technology company, voted one of the most inspiring European organizations by the London Stock Exchange, also named in the Top 100 of the best European companies by Red Herring) he addressed the digital and audio ecosystem. According to him, mobility brings new modes of consumption, so it is necessary to develop this new audio format that responds to this new way of consuming.

Webinar replay

Nicolas Gimenez specified that “Telecoming is in the process of creating its audio augmented service, because we are convinced of the rise of audio“. Regarding the audio augmented sections in partnership with ETX Studio: “this will allows us to stand out and to add new value to our users“. The launch of this service is scheduled for early September 2021.

For La Tribune, what can we say about the business impact following the implementation of audio augmentation?” Tatiana De Francqueville announced “extremely positive feedback from readers and partners“. In terms of revenue, the results were quite immediate: “our subscriptions increased by 30% since the launch, the feedback is absolutely beneficial“.

How do you plan to develop the business model at Telecoming, how will you monetize the content?” Nicolas Gimenez specified that the company acquires its users based on the subscription model, an upraising model. “We generate digital experiences using content from our partners. We bill our customers via paid which is an operator billing technology for digital services. This technology improves performance and subscription-based business models, in order to increase conversion rates. This technology is used in all 27 countries in which we operate.

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