5 platforms to host your podcasts

5 platforms to host your podcasts

Creating content is great, making it widely available is even better! To broadcast a podcast, you’ll need a host to publish your content and make it accessible to everyone. The podcast host is the platform that will store your content, and there are hundreds to choose from, depending on the type of podcast you want to publish or your profile, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Here are 5 podcast hosts for you to discover.

1. Ausha, the made-in-France host

Ausha is a French platform that focuses on the marketing angle, and does its best to give podcasts as much visibility as possible. It offers its users maximum assistance, with a team of experts who reply on average in barely 30 minutes. With only a few clicks, you can broadcast on the world’s 14 largest streaming platforms. Ausha hosts 10735 podcasts and has an audience of 11 million per quarter. The platform is home to the “Comment tu fais?” podcast by TV presenter, author, journalist and former Miss France Laury Thilleman, who stated that the Ausha team has been accompanying her on a daily basis from the very beginning. Furthermore, according to her, the platform is highly intuitive, even for first-timers like her. Ausha is therefore suitable for all profiles, supporting individuals, companies and agencies alike.

2. Anchor.fm, the world’s largest podcast hosting platform

Anchor and Spotify for Podcasters have merged to create a single platform for 100% podcast management, entirely free of charge. Although the platform is owned by Spotify, you can still distribute your podcast on other listening platforms. Anchor also allows you to publish video podcasts. You can give your listeners a voice by asking them for their opinion of your podcast through Q&A or polls, and you also have access to in-depth metrics to help you improve your content as much as possible. You can showcase your podcast on Spotify by creating trailers, customizing your banner and much more. The platform lets fully you explore your creativity, to ensure that your podcast reflects your vision as closely as possible.

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3. Buzzsprout, podcasting accessible to all

Buzzsprout aims to make podcasting accessible to all, thanks to its simple interface. The platform distributes podcasts on all the major podcast listening platforms, and provides detailed metrics. Buzzsprout also offers a wide range of options to support creators’ marketing and monetization efforts. Today, the platform counts over 100,000 users worldwide. Among its hosted content, “You’re wrong about” podcast hosted by journalist Michael Hobbes and author Sarah Marshall, which was named one of Time magazine’s “10 best podcasts” of 2019.

4. Soundcloud, the popular audio platform

Soundcloud isn’t technically a podcast host, but rather a music-focused audio distribution platform. It’s a popular and simple platform for posting podcasts. What’s simple about Soundcloud is that content can be accessed directly from the application or website which so many users visit every day to listen to music and podcasts. In fact, Soundcloud counted over 20 million users in 2019. This enables creators to gain visibility for their podcast thanks to the community already present on the platform. Soundcloud is the perfect place to start.

5. Acast, the all-in-one hosting platform

Acast makes it easy to manage your podcast. The platform has an option for promoting content on social networks, and it is also possible to read and reply to comments left by listeners on the various streamin platforms. It is also possible to monetize podcasts on the platform. On Acast, users have access to statistics and metrics which enable to make quick and efficient decisions regarding their creative process. By choosing Acast as a podcast host, users get free access to Podcastle, which lets them create episodes directly from the web browser. This host has a catalog of 100,000 podcasts and counts over 430 million listens per month. Acast hosts Hugo Décrypte’s “Les Actus du jour” podcast. This daily podcast ranks in the top 10 of the most listened-to podcasts every day on the main audio listening platforms.

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