RevoluSOUND: how to successfully transform your written content into audio?

RevoluSOUND: how to successfully transform your written content into audio?

On April 26, ETX Studio and AFP hosted the first webinar “RevoluSOUND: how to successfully transform your written content into audio?”. Many insights on audio trends and uses were shared by Cécilia Gabizon (VP & Chief Content Officer – ETX Studio), Nicolas Giraudon (Group Marketing Director – AFP), and Clovis Viard-Gaudin (Sales and Partnership Business Manager – ETX Studio).

As far as voice search is concerned, media players are preparing for it. In India, 40% of queries are made orally. “Nowadays, people ask their questions to their phone”.

In France as well as internationally, audio is becoming a key content format for media and other sectors. Cécilia Gabizon insists on the “need to transition to audio because we are now in the voice era, we will interact with information through voice. All the major Tech players are positioning themselves in audio: Spotify, Google, Amazon, Microsoft…“. Cécilia Gabizon also mentioned the digital fatigue we are experiencing, pointing to audio as a solution to free our eyes.

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Interviewed by Nicolas Giraudon, Clovis Viard-Gaudin specified that media are obviously interested, but not only them, there are also brands, French and international agencies, PR agencies, as well as SEO, finance, health, automotive, cinema players …

Can computer-generated audio compete with the human voice? Cécilia Gabizon pointed out that today, these voices’ quality is very good, and that soon, the personalized voice, the voice of each person, will create a vocal signature – a single voice in all languages – which will embody an identity.

In terms of business cases, La Tribune will be the first website that will be 100% audio augmented by the end of June thanks to ETX Daily Up. Clovis Viard-Gaudin explained that this is a major strategic and editorial evolution that will bring a new context to advertisers.

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