INfluencia partners with ETX Studio for its audio augmentation

INfluencia partners with ETX Studio for its audio augmentation

The revolution-SOUND is here. ETX Studio has been entrusted with the mission of developing INfluencia‘s audio augmentation strategy, the media of trends and innovations.

INfluencia wants to offer its large community a new way to consume its flagship magazine. One of the first objectives set by the brand was to allow its audience to listen to the content of its quarterly magazine in the form of podcasts.

Under the leadership of Cécilia Gabizon and Anne Abitbol-Ravanello, ETX Studio has developed a series of podcasts for each issue of the magazine starting December 2020. The first theme is already available in audio format: the upheavals in the world of work and learning.

ETX Studio also puts its expertise in semantic AI at INfluencia’s service, by creating a new audio newsletter format thanks to ETX Daily UP (ETX Studio’s brand new 100% audio augmented news platform launched on 8/12).

INfluencia intends to offer its audience a new way to consume information: more freely, whether while working, walking, or driving.

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