The best of the “After Calendar”, our trend selection for 2021

The best of the “After Calendar”, our trend selection for 2021

2020 gave way to a new world, resilient and different. Fashion, beauty, how we consume, networking, mobility… everything is moving and shifting. Among these changes, we have singled out 20 key trends, to experience the world of tomorrow “better, differently, with less“!
Welcome to our After Calendar!

  1. The art of eating better, differently, with less
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In 2020, the global health crisis turned patterns of food consumption upside down: 4 new needs are emerging, redrawing the outlines of this new-generation consumer. A need for control, comfort, practicality, and creativity on a daily basis. Read more

2. Work goes hybrid

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The health crisis has enabled a large number of employees to discover and appreciate remote working. While many of them do not want to return to the office in person 100% of the time, they also do not want to feel isolated while working from home. So how can these two seemingly contradictory expectations be reconciled? Read more

3. Cycling rules the road

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With the covid-19 crisis, cycling has never been as much in the spotlight as in 2020. From Oakland to Bogotá via Paris and Barcelona, cycling has swept many people off their feet and got them into the saddle. And this heady enthusiasm could well last through this year. Read more

4. In 2021, Fashion will be inclusive, or it will go instinct

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In recent years, inclusiveness has become a watchword in the world of fashion and luxury. Under the pressure of a generation for whom awareness is essential, a generation who expects socially responsible brands to be representative of humanity in all its diversity, the sector is shaking up its own codes and coming up with daring new salvos. Read more

5. In 2021, Philanthropy is sexy

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Giving and helping people in need has never been trendier on social networks than in 2020. Brands, institutions, and celebrities have all appealed to internet users’ interest in getting involved. This new language has become a must when it comes to a business point of view. A strategy that has gained ground in the midst of a crisis and that is not totally disinterested and therefore philanthropic. Read more

6. Ten words we want to use more in 2021

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A new year means new perspectives. Here are ten words that we would like to see officially appear in the dictionary, and which we would like to use more in everyday life in the coming months. Read more

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