Funny Story: Relaxnews Won a Client Thanks to NewsCred

Funny Story: Relaxnews Won a Client Thanks to NewsCred

Funny story, our new client Sylvia Powell, Managing Director of Kempstone Media in London, recently shared that she had learned about Relaxnews from an article written by NewsCred.

After talking with Powell, we saw the real-life benefits of our freemium subscription model; for an affordable price, our client chose to get premium content at the source rather than paying for licensing elsewhere.

Why is NewsCred talking about Relaxnews?

NewsCred is a content provider based out of New York that evangelizes content marketing and proved the importance of content by raising approximately $89 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. The company published an article earlier this year discussing the challenge that content marketers often face to produce enough content and how licensed content can help boost SEO. They referenced AFP Relaxnews as an example of licensed content.

As a news agency that is aware of the challenges faced by brands and media, Relaxnews has developed my editorializer, the best brand journalism solution. Subscribers to my editorializer get access and rights to distribution of editorial content produced by Relaxnews and AFP journalists. In addition, they can track trending topics as well as their keywords and top sources thanks to a tool called “My Radar,” or consult other articles on a given subject in “My Reader,” a news aggregator. Plus, clients can distribute content on paid or owned channels using Content@Scale or our built-in publishing tools. Additionally, subscribers to the specialized fashion and luxury video platform ParismodesTV get access to coverage of fashion shows and backstage interviews with designers.

What are the benefits of sourcing editorial content from Relaxnews?

Powell read the article when searching for a content provider and subscribed to my editorializer to supplement production for her website Inspira, an online current affairs and lifestyle hub for women that covers topics ranging from fashion to health.

During a conversation on her experience with the platform, she shared that, since her content production team is quite small, “using [my editorializer] saves us a lot of time and hassle by enabling us to easily access and deliver to our audience content that is both topical and good quality.”

When we discussed what specific elements Powell found beneficial to her work, she noted that:

  • She saves a significant amount of time on research and writing, thanks to articles that are packaged and ready for publication.
  • The wide ranges of topics that are covered by AFP Relaxnews journalists are interesting for her target audience.
  • One of the great benefits of AFP Relaxnews articles is that they are accompanied and illustrated with images.

In a nutshell

From bloggers and small start-ups to international corporations, we have editorial offerings adapted to your content needs. “There’s a gap in the market,” said Powell. “[But on my editorializer,] you have everything at your fingertips.”


Try it yourself

Sign up for a free trial and explore the topics covered by our journalists. For more information about our editorial solutions, contact us.

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