What You Missed at the First Annual “Paris Modes Talks & Reviews”

What You Missed at the First Annual “Paris Modes Talks & Reviews”

The “Paris Modes Talks & Reviews – Twist the luxury codes” took place at the Publicis Bastille campus on Thursday, April 12th. The event featured nearly 20 speakers that explored the transformation of luxury brands through means of story-selling, newest success models that have emerged in recent years and the latest experiences in luxury.


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The event, hosted by Relaxnews, focused on the latest issues that brands are facing as well as editorial and business trends in the sectors of Luxury and Creation. With a panel of key fashion voices and luxury experts, the initiative of the session was to explore how brands twist the codes of luxury, through 3 axis : SENSE, SENSATIONS, SENSATIONAL.

Sense – From History to E-story : Split into three sections, the first portion of the seminar covered topics ranging from the value of selling a story at the heart of a brand, the importance of brand engagement, and how to speak to the digital generations.

Sensations – The New Models of Success : Paris Modes also heard on the latest new-comers in luxury entrepreneurship, trends in story-selling, and the emotion at the heart of new concepts.

Sensational – More is More is Less : A word about the new influencers, about the evolution of Fashion catwalks towards spectacular staging, and about the analysis of emotions.



Key learnings from the conferences

Brand Engagement: The importance of giving sense to your brand, including using history and past rules, was at the heart of the discussions between Seraphin Ducellier (Producer, Photograph and Founder of S75) and Jérôme Gautier (Director of Dior Editions).

Made in France: Journalist, blogger and fashion IT girl Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco shared the story of her new clothing line, “Das Mot,” and why her T-shirts are making a statement.

Luxury Retail Insights: Luxury is about risk taking. When you talk about personalization in the luxury field, it is about personalization of the customer relationship and not about the personalization of the product itself, stated Delphine Vitry (Co-founder and CEO of Mad Network, VP of the French Luxe).

Generation Z: How can brands speak to younger generations? Luxury experts Eric Briones (Co-founder of Paris School of Luxury) and Nadège Winter (Creative and Artistic Director of NWA) explored how to engage with GenZ consumers by discovering the behaviors of “digital” and “social” natives and the power of the “influence chain.” 

Business with the new baby entrepreneurs : Edwin Sberro went through the creation of his magazine L’Exhibition while Christelle Kocher (Founder and Artistic Director of Koché) explained how she launched her brand to spread a message and to question the codes of the luxury word.

Influencers: According to a study done by Launchmetrics, “78% of fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands have put an influencer campaign strategy in place.” Those new ‘influencers’ are no longer celebrities: they are accessible people, relatable for their followers.”

Paris Modes: Our luxury & fashion experts cover the main Fashion Shows around the world. They produce video documentaries, backstage interviews of designers, celebrities, models, and can look back into their archives to sources media & brand clients with fashion content ! contact us if you need anything like this.

Let’s be influenced by emotions: Frank Tapiro (Chief Emotion Officer at Datakalab) gave us his expert take on the importance of emotion at the heart of new development strategies. Memories depend and rest on 2 key points: a strong emotional anchor and a choice.

Twisting the Codes: But what does “twisting the luxury codes” really mean? Fabrice Boé, CEO of Ines de la Fressange, tells us how a French, affirmed, and elegant brand can create unexpected associations to make luxury accessible to all. It is crucial to surprise the audience and, also, to make them understand the process by using the brand’s DNA.

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