VivaTech: The “NewsTech Talk” Recap

VivaTech: The “NewsTech Talk” Recap

Each spring, world technology conference VivaTech assembles in Paris to bring you the latest innovations in technology for businesses. This year, RelaxNews unveiled a new innovation of its own, My Editbot-In-Chief, brought to you from the Relax 1835 concept, a government-grant winning project initiative meant to discover how the news sector can revamp. To explore further, RelaxNews met with some of the news sector’s leading individuals to discuss how news agencies can reinvent themselves using hot-topic strategies from artificial intelligence to voice automation and content safety.

Key speakers included: Stéphane Marcovitch (Global Head Business & Marketing of AFP), Claude de Loupy (CEO of Syllabs), Cécile Rouveyran (Secretary-General of Groupe Paris-Turf), Benoît Raphaël (Chief Robots Officer), Jérôme Doncieux (CEO of Relaxnews) and Mathieu Bully (CTO of Relaxnews). 

How AI, automation, voice and content safety will make a difference for brands

Top strategy takeaways:   

1. Analyze social media to strengthen brands

Creating a successful brand means understanding what works … and what doesn’t. These days with social media making or breaking businesses, it is more important than ever to understand which social media is successful, which is not, and why. For instance, over 70% of marketers in one study can demonstrate how content marketing has increased audience engagement and number of leads. There are big numbers in providing the right content!

With this in mind, RelaxNews and guests discussed SocialTools, an exclusive analysis program that tracks competitive performance on social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and creates live charts for single or competitive post evaluations. These charts offer insights on which posts are successful online, while offering explanations, and can peg pages against competitors for further analysis.

Badda-bing, badda-brand!  

2. Fight fake news to promote content safety

In the wake of scandals from Cambridge Analytica and the Trump administration, fake news has become the press topic of the decade. The consequence? Readers are becoming increasingly suspicious of their news sources and losing trust in the media.

Now news agencies are fighting back to reclaim their credibility. This year, NewsTech Talk speakers discussed a recent investment made by Publicis Groupe: NewsGuard, a team of experienced journalists who scan for for fake news by determining the legitimacy of sources.

But NewsGuard is not the only site taking fact-checking seriously. AFP (Agence France-Presse) already provides a site dedicated to fact-checking news, AFP Factuel, and a recent partnership between AFP and Facebook will have the press agency verifying the credibility of photos and videos on the social media platform in France.


3. The new voice of editorial

This year at VivaTech, RelaxNews unveiled its latest innovation Your Editbot-In-Chief, a vocal assistant that meets all your editorial needs. As if My Editorializer paired with Google Assistant, Your Editbot-In-Chief’s mission is to meet all your editorial needs with the convenience of voice automated technology. It offers suggestions and helps you curate the most relevant content possible while you sit back, relax and listen. 

Soon available on Google Assistant, Google Home, and Slack, the Editbot brings you the most recent trending topics, personalized to meet your interests. With the bot, you also gain full access to AFP RelaxNews content including a calendar of upcoming events. And if you want to dig deeper, it can give insight and background information on anything you need. Click here to watch  the live demo and learn more! 

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