Relaxnews : The Power of extension manifesto

“To editorialize is to combine advice, content, activation, technology and distribution to increase your ROE (Return on Editorialization).”

The Power of extension manifesto by Pascal Crifo, ‎President & CEO of Optimedia, Blue 449, Zest France – Publicis Media and us.

The power of extension

The world is changing. Media companies are becoming brands, and brands are becoming media companies.

Everyone is producing, publishing and sharing content. Success in this domain primarily revolves around relevance: the relevance of the editorial strategy, the concept, the positioning, the customer promise, the function, the added value, the technology, the types of media, the results … all of which can be summarized by one word, one profession (ours) and one mission: editorialization.

The “power of reduction” provided by 30-second filmed ads is no longer sufficient; it now needs to be combined with the “power of extension” of editorial content. Advertising is a sprint; the production of editorial content is a marathon that media companies have been running forever and which brands are now waking up to, and with one primary aim in mind: the need to create impact by using the codes, formulas and innovations of the advertising industry.

This “power of extension” works: The Washington Post has managed to overtake the New York Times; Net-A-Porter has become an established source of fashion news; and Red Bull has become a press agency and genuine media company. Facebook allows you to both deliver content faster and improve your ability to interact with your audience; Instagram was one of the main news and information sources for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival; Paris Aéroport has increased the average number of passengers picking up its amagazine by 70% due to the quality of its Paris Worldwide publication. Editorial content is the best kind of ‘ad welcoming’ to use against ‘ad blocking’. It is increasingly effective in terms of impact and consumers are becoming more and more favorable towards it.

To editorialize is to analyze a situation, to strongly express a point of view, to convince by encouraging a dialog, to use all forms of communicative, methodological and technological leverage available in order to make your message understood and contribute to the market leadership of a media company or brand.

To editorialize is to combine advice, content, activation, technology and distribution to increase your ROE (Return on Editorialization). There is much value to be gained in doing so.

To editorialize is to maximize not only the user experience but also conversion rates and potential business via the power of content, content that has been well thought out, well put together and carefully distributed.

To editorialize is to adhere to a code of professional conduct that ensures all professional contacts are treated with due respect and which must underpin each and every initiative aimed at media companies and brands.

To editorialize is to be smart, rapid and safe. Smart, because the idea itself is the foundation on which everything else is built. Rapid, because both media companies and brands need to respond increasingly rapidly to keep up with changes in consumer and competitor behavior. Safe, because your image, your reputation and your business activity depend on this aspect. All this cannot just be improvised.

To editorialize is to be able to rely on the power of Publicis Groupe and the strength of our partnership with AFP across the whole world.

To editorialize is to meet up with us as soon as possible to conduct an initial assessment of how your brand’s power of extension can be improved. Let us know the time, date and place and we will be there.

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