Editorializer interview #3 of Patrick Lara on Publicis Conseil’s Loft

Editorializer interview #3 of Patrick Lara on Publicis Conseil’s Loft

“Publicis Loft will benefit the Power of Extension of Relaxnews”
Patrick Lara
This week: exclusive interview with Patrick Lara, Managing Director at Publicis Conseil, global client leader of Publicis Group for Renault, and founder of the Publicis Loft which Relaxnews recently joined.

This new partnership brings a triple contribution to the Loft:

  • A strategic contribution thanks to Relaxnews’ editorial know-how.
  • An operational contribution relying on AFP-Relaxnews partnership which taps into a worldwide network of over 2,000 journalists.
  • A technological contribution with “Your Editorializer” platform, allowing to combine real-time inspiration, real-time editorial production and real-time distribution in Owned as well as in Paid content.

100% dedicated to brand content, the Loft aims to gather a team of multidisciplinary talents from Publicis and the client brand, all working together in order to deliver as many smart and creative proposals as possible in a very short amount of time.
The system is based on agility – of conception and agility of production. Integrating Relaxnews allows us to enter a new editorial dimension,” Patrick Lara said when the partnership was announced. Thrilled by his statement, we wanted to know more about his vision of the Loft.

How was the idea for the Loft born?

Advertisers don’t want to miss the boat when it comes to content. Loft moves swiftly. It requires the talent to conceive, to produce, to remain highly consistent with brand platforms.

Could you summarize your vision and your strategy for Loft?
Loft is focused on agility in the design and production of brand content. Brand content is both brand and content. Publicis Conseil endures as the “keepers of the flame” of applying a strategic platform to brand content. It’s a unique added value. Exponential social development has brought us to a simple observation: brands can no longer control and manage everything which is said about them. The best way to react is to immerse ourselves in these conversations and to create involvement.
This concept is globalizing rapidly within Publicis. How do you explain such enthusiasm?
With the evidence. Loft combines all of this at once. What’s more, we can connect and disconnect without restrictions. Raw agility and creativity.
Are all brands eligible for Loft?
Yes, obviously. Desire and open-mindedness are still the most important traits. The desire to leave unexpected content. Knowing how to rethink decision-making processes.
Loft is also a vehicle for attracting new talent. Do you see this as well?
Clearly. Nothing is more exciting for creatives of all backgrounds than to work in agile mode. It’s an enormous pressure — one brief per day — but with the opportunity to produce practically in real time. It’s an opportunity to combine skillsets, to have them work together, and to continually invent new ways of creating.
>Why extend the Loft’s offer to Relaxnews today?
Loft’s avoid stagnation. New partnerships, along with new talent, are the key to long-term success. RelaxNews allows Loft to offer its clients an editorial component which is very, very hard to beat.

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