Did you know AFP was the first news agency ever created?

Did you know AFP was the first news agency ever created?

AFP and Relaxnews have been involved in an editorial, commercial and technological strategic partnership since 2009, with the AFP Relaxnews newswire as an example of what this has achieved.

Following the purchase of Relaxnews by Publicis Groupe, this strategic partnership has been extended and its scope increased. All of Publicis Groupe’s agencies are now able to offer their clients AFP content, either sourced from newswires or custom produced to order by AFP Services as shown during the Olympic Games with Samsung this year, a business case we can provide to you if you wish to know more about it.

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Did you know the following about AFP?

In 1835, Charles-Louis Havas founded the first ever press agency, which would eventually become AFP in 1944.
Today AFP comprises 1,500 journalists who provide 24/7 news coverage in six different languages. The journalists are dispached in 200 offices around the world.

AFP in one day :

5,000 news items – 200 videos – 3,000 photos – 200 graphics and videographics.

AFP subsidiaries :

– AFP Services: An AFP subsidiary created in 2004 and providing custom content and editorial services for businesses and organizations.

– AFP Sports: Reliable and continuous 24/7 coverage provided through a worldwide network and an outstanding capacity to mobilize human and technical resources for major international competitions and tournaments.

AFP recognition and Awards:

Picture of the Year and World Press Photo awards in 2016. 6 Pulitzer Prizes.

 An AFP Relaxnews news ticker at the very center of the Publicis Drugstore

The Publicis Drugstore at 133, avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris.“AFP has entered into a special partnership with Publicis Groupe.To symbolize this, a news ticker will be used to provide a continuous news display in the Publicis Drugstore, the café adjoining the group’s headquarters on the Champs-Élysées in Paris”
Challenges – May 2016

Behind the news:
don’t miss the AFP Correspondent blog

AFP - Marco Longari - South Africa

The journalists and photographers of the AFP newswire share their first-hand experiences on Correspondentthe agency’s “behind the news”  blog. Here are the most widely read, personal perspectives, as told by those on the frontline.

Johannesburg — It was a crazy day, a culmination of various elements that have been brewing and bubbling for weeks during the student protests against raising university fees in South Africa. The university wanted to remain open, the student protesters wanted to shut it down, emotions were running high and there was a heavy police presence.”
Marco Longari – photographer for AFP Photos –  Africa.

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