How Paris Worldwide, a local private content initiative, becomes France Worldwide, a global governmental initiative

How Paris Worldwide, a local private content initiative, becomes France Worldwide, a global governmental initiative

Your Editorializer interview #7: France Worldwide magazine was created from the collaboration between Paris airport magazine, Paris Worldwide, and the French governmental agency Atout France. Its aims to showcase French innovations and excellence and its « à la française » lifestyle. Sandrine Bouillot, Editor in chief, and Pierre Somme, Deputy managing editor, explain how this project was born.

France Worldwide, a real taste of lifestyle à la française !

How did the France Worldwide initiative come about ?

It’s a really great story since the French government approached the Paris Aéroport airport authority to propose the global rollout — under the brand “France Worldwide” — of the Paris airports magazine, Paris Worldwide, that was designed, developed and is still produced by Relaxnews. In short, what started as the initiative of a brand has become the initiative of a whole country. It’s a great source of pride for Relaxnews.

What’s the concept ? In how many languages and countries will it be available ?

The France Worldwide magazine is published in six languages and is distributed in the USA, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, China and Russia. It’s a collaboration between the Paris airports magazine, Paris Worldwide, and the agency Atout France. Based on the editorial and graphic framework of this bimonthly publication, the 100-page magazine uses articles previously featured in the Paris Worldwide magazine, which are refreshed and updated, and offers new content aimed at foreign visitors. It highlights the richness of France through interviews with personalities, focus pieces on specific regions and recommended places to visit.

What kind of prime content is featured ?

We have a special section on French innovation and excellence. We met the conductor Laurence Equilbey, the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and fashion designer Chantal Thomass, who each fly the flag high for France in their own specific fields. We’ve also rounded up the latest hotspots to visit in Paris, Monaco and Bordeaux, offering the very best to our friends from abroad. It’s a real taste of lifestyle à la française !

Who are the media partners in the world ?

The operation has been partnered by major international media publications, such as Folha de Sao Paulo in Brazil, The Washington Post in the USA, Condé Nast Traveller in the UAE, Le Temps in Switzerland, Forbes in Russia and Top Travel in China. 

And, in the future, we will be able to expand the operation both digitally and physically with customized distribution in Paris airports 

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