ETX Studio acquires Majelan to create a European audio mobility champion

ETX Studio acquires Majelan to create a European audio mobility champion

As part of its growth dynamic, ETX Studio has just acquired Majelan, the leader in premium podcasts in France. With its personalized listening experience and a rich catalog of more than 2,500 proprietary episodes, Majelan’s expertise provides an essential brick to ETX Studio’s audio development strategy.

How does this acquisition work?

Majelan, launched in 2019 by Mathieu Gallet, former President of Radio France and INA, and Arthur Perticoz, former founder and CEO of Wynd, is a podcast platform focused on the discovery of exclusive audio content. As part of this acquisition, Majelan becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETX Studio. Mathieu Gallet will continue to act as CEO and will also become a non-executive chairman of the board of ETX Studio. Arthur Perticoz will contribute to the success of the new entity by providing his renowned expertise as Senior Product Advisor.

With Majelan, ETX Studio aims to provide the best audio experience in mobile situations, a market estimated to be worth 40 billion euros in 2026, with the potential for the audio augmentation market being around 20 billion euros. The new entity will comprise 120 experts and will represent very strong internal and external revenue growth by 2025.

This operation is part of ETX Studio’s strategic plan, which aims to become a European leader in industrial revoluSOUND, placing audio (podcasts and text-to-speech audio augmentation) at the heart of the user experience.

What are ETX Studio’s next steps following this acquisition?

This first acquisition is part of ETX Studio’s ambitious development plan, which includes a fundraising campaign currently underway, other merger projects, and the response to the « France Relance CORAM 2022 » call for projects designed to promote disruptive innovations in the automotive industry. It also aims to :

  • Make Majelan the best BtoBtoC platform for audio content in a mobile situations, in order to offer manufacturers in the sector a lever to strongly create value during rides.
  • Reinforce ETX Studio’s ability to accompany the revoluSOUND to transform the user experience through a unique combination of podcasts and audio augmented with text content.
  • Find new talents attracted by a very ambitious project combining strategy, content and technology, in order to create « Editorial Transformative Xperience » in 100 languages and accents.

For Jérôme Doncieux, founder and CEO of ETX Studio, « joining forces with Majelan is an opportunity for ETX Studio that perfectly illustrates the vision of the future of audio that drives us, and our ambition to quickly create in France a European leader in industrial revoluSOUND .

At ETX Studio, we believe in the power of audio, which is why we help brands innovate, transform their internal and external communication (audio training, newsletters, masterclasses) and make their entire content heritage accessible for listening on the move. In addition to the creation of podcasts, we transform text content into audio using synthetic voices that are continuously enriched and improved. Like La Tribune, Stratégies, Le Figaro, The Senate and many others, integrate digital audio into your editorial strategy to attract, retain or monetize new audiences. Test our audio augmentation solution for free here.

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