Publicis Media, Relaxnews and AFP Reveal Unique Brand Journalism Solution, my editorializer

Publicis Media, Relaxnews and AFP Reveal  Unique Brand Journalism Solution, my editorializer

Today, Relaxnews, AFP and Publicis Media unveiled their new brand journalism solution, my editorializer, which is an integrated, self-service solution providing a unique combination of data, content and services. The reveal was held during the second annual Viva Technology conference and exhibition in Paris, which gathers global innovators, tech pioneers and future-forward marketers to build relationships that will change business and society for tomorrow.

In our current time of mass disruption and change, authenticity is key to connecting with any audience. With the proliferation of fake news, ad blockers and more, it’s more difficult than ever to have meaningful conversations with consumers. We’re bringing you the solution.

What’s new?

  1. My Radar: the tool that typically provides real-time surveillance of trends, research and recent articles and aggregates buzzworthy topics will now create data-driven graphics displaying top keywords associated with a search, as well as top sources related to a parti­cular topic.
  2. My Content: The AFP and Relaxnews network of over 2,000 journalists provide content in French and English for platform users in 150 countries. My Content is an informational feed made to scan, read, download and share content written by AFP and Relaxnews journalists, organized by theme and published around events that get audiences talking. Newly available content includes photos, videos and articles with statistics and studies that platform subscribers can share or use in their own content creation, and covered themes include: hi-tech, beauty, culture, tourism, sports, food, fashion, ci­nema, business, breaking news and more.
  3. My Services: This feature includes a tailored calendar, a space to order branded or personalized editorial content creation and an active live chat feature or option to engage consulting services that bring the expertise of editorial content stra­tegists to subscribers’ fingertips.
  4. My Content@Scale: a unique Publicis Media distribution platform that disseminates agile content across paid media channels. Say hello to native advertising!

my editorializer is proof of the common desire of Relaxnews, AFP and Publicis Media to respond to the needs of brand journalism. Publicis Groupe has great ambitions for content, pushed forward under the leadership of Belinda Rowe, Global Head of the Content Practice and Chairwoman of Relaxnews’ Board of Directors. This ambition is what motivated the purchase of Relaxnews in 2015 and what led to the partnership with AFP that followed. Now, we bring you the best brand journalism solution.

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